Embedding Lua (Part 1)


Lua is a versatile and lightweight scripting language. It is designed to be embedded in a host application and provides a C API for communication between Lua and the host program. Although Lua doesn’t support a programming paradigm by itself, it can be used as an object-oriented language, or as a functional one depending on your needs. This post will serve as a short introduction to embedding Lua to a C++ host application.

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Embedded Mono: Invoking a C# generic method (Part 2)

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A while ago I wrote about how to invoke a C# generic method, by using a helper method in the assembly. In this post, we will see how to invoke generic methods using solely the Mono embedding API. A much preferred alternative, since you don’t pollute your assemblies with helper methods that are used by C++ only.

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Debugging on embedded Mono

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Following up on a previous post that showed how to embed Mono in a C++ application, we will see how it is possible to debug C# code that runs on the host application, using Xamarin Studio (or MonoDevelop).

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Embedded Mono: Invoking a C# generic method (Part 1)

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(Edit 8/7/2015: Part 2 of this tutorial can be found here, showing an alternative solution without using C# helper methods)

On a previous post we saw how to embed the Mono runtime in a C++ application, load some C# classes and invoke methods on them. However, when you want to invoke generic methods, things become slightly more complicated.

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